Maui 1.2.2 Release 3 years ago

We are pleased to announce a new stable release of MauiKit and Maui Apps!

Stable release

This version of Maui brings new features and bug fixes to Maui’s applications and the frameworks they rely on. The changes introduced in this release will make your experience with apps like the Index file manager, Vvave music player, and Nota text editor much more enjoyable and fun. Read on to find out how Maui’s software has improved and what new features to look out for:    

MauiKit 1.2.2

MauiKit is the framework used to build Maui applications. It comes with common widgets crafted to work well on small phone screens and bigger desktop computer monitors. But that’s not all: MauiKit also comes with a set of utilities that help developers build applications more quickly with more complex and ready-made widgets. These include a text editor, an image viewer, or a file explorer, among others. In this updated version, the graphical components have been polished. New widgets have been added to the MauiKit Core library, making navigation easier on phones, desktop computers, and other devices. On Android, all the Maui Apps now make use of a dark style. The following video goes over a few of the newly added changes to the MauiKit framework that directly improve all of Maui’s apps.    

Maui Apps

The Maui Project provides a set of applications to cover your phone, tablet, or desktop needs. The Maui line of apps currently includes a file manager (Index), a music player (Vvave), an image viewer (Pix), a text editor (Nota), an app for note-taking (Buho), a terminal emulator (Station), an app to manage your contacts (Communicator), a document viewer (Shelf), a video player (Clip), a camera app (Booth), and a web browser (Sol). The Index file manager comes with a quick typing search feature that allows you to find files more easily as you type on a desktop computer with a keyboard. This feature is also found in Pix and other image gallery apps and in any other apps in general that allow you to browse your files. Index also includes an Overview section that shows you the most recently downloaded files, or your most recently accessed images and audio files, as well as your favorite files. The Vvave, the music player, lets you edit music files’ metadata information within the app and get information about the current playing artist’s and album’s song. Pix, the image viewer and gallery manager, has a similar feature and can display EXIF metadata in a dialog with information about the camera’s model, ISO, and other technical details. Pix also allows you to edit images by doing transformations such as cropping and rotating. The Nota text editor adds a Find & Replace feature and gives you an inline notification when the document you have opened has been modified or removed by another application. The improvements made to the text editor are part of one of the MauiKit sub-frameworks, so these features are also included in the new version of Buho, the note-taking app. The MPV library powers the Clip video player. This allows you to play remote videos, such as videos from popular websites like YouTube. In fact, Clip comes with a dedicated view from where you can search and open videos from YouTube. The terminal emulator is Station, and it’s a super touch-friendly console. This new version comes with an easy way to add command shortcuts to save typing on handheld touch devices like phones or tablets. All of the apps that make use of tab views now use the MauiKit convergent TabView widget. TabView switches from a mobile-friendly tab system to the common tab style used on a desktop computer, depending on where you are using the app. You can now try out all these changes on Android and Linux phones, tablets, and desktop computers. You can find a more detailed list of the changes mentioned below:

Index 1.2.2

Download Packages | Open a Report Highlights:
  •  Comes with the new convergent tabs view.
  •  Adds quick typing to jump search on desktop.
  •  Allows mounting removable devices.
  •  Introduces multiselection gesture on touch-based devices — hover over items to select them.
  •  The embedded terminal is now available if the QMLTermWidget is installed.
  •  The navigation history issues have been fixed.
  •  The previewer works now on the Overview items.

Index 1.2.2 on Desktop and Phone.

Vvave 1.2.2

Download Packages | Open a Report Highlights:
  • Comes with a new metadata editor.
  • Adds quick typing search on albums and artists’ views.
  • Allows you to retrieve information about artists and albums.
  • Adds a repeat playback option.

Vvave 1.2.2 on Desktop and Phone.

Pix 1.2.2

Download Packages | Open a Report Highlights:
  • Introduces an image editor with rotation, cropping, and other transformations.
  • Can display EXIF metadata information in a dialog.
  • Adds quick typing search.

Pix 1.2.2 on Desktop and Phone.

Nota 1.2.2

Download Packages | Open a Report Highlights:  
  • Introduces a new Find & Replace feature.
  • Comes with the convergent tabs view.
  • The alerts header that informs of file changes has now been fixed — included from MauiKit::TextEditor.
  • The embedded terminal is now available if the QMLTermWidget package is installed.

Nota 1.2.2 on Desktop and Phone.

Buho 1.2.2

Download Packages | Open a Report Highlights:
  • Adds a confirmation dialog for removing notes.
  • Adds a more coherent SelectionBar list item delegates.

Buho 1.2.2 on Desktop and Phone.

Station 1.2.2

Download Packages | Open a Report Highlights:
  • Adds controls to trigger and save frequently used commands quickly.
  • Now uses the new convergent tabs design from MauiKit.

Station 1.2.2 on Desktop and Phone.

Communicator 1.2.2

Download Packages | Open a Report Highlights:
  • Updated to the latest MauiKit controls
  • We’ve moved code from MauiKit to fetch contact info from Android API to Communicator’s source codebase.

Clip 1.1.1

Download Packages | Open a Report Highlights:
  •  It uses the libmpv as its backend

Clip 1.2.2 on Desktop and Phone.

Shelf 1.1.1

Download Packages | Open a Report Highlights:
  • Updated to latest MauiKit controls.

For this release, We will distribute the packages directly from the MauiKit official webpage.
The packages for Linux AMD and ARM AppImages, and Windows EXE, will be released soon. We will keep you informed when this happens.
Some apps might be missing features or present some bugs; if it is the case that you want to report a bug or a feature request, you can open a ticket at the corresponding project repo. You can access repositories from the Maui Invent Group.

Release cycle

Release date 2021 2022 2023
February 1.2.1 2.1.1 2.2.2
May 1.2.2 2.1.2 3.0.0
August 2.0.0 2.2.0 3.1.0
November 2.1.0 2.2.1 3.1.1

Are you a developer and want to start developing cross-platform and convergent apps, targeting, among other things, the upcoming Linux mobile devices? Then join us on Telegram: If you are interested in testing this project and helping out with translations or documentation, you are also more than welcome. The Maui Project is a free and open-source software from the KDE Community developed by Nitrux Latinoamericana S.C.We are present on Twitter and Mastodon:

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