Maui Report 12 3 years ago

Today, we bring you a new report on the Maui Project’s progress.
A month ago, we had our 1.2.2 stable release, and since then, we have been working on getting everything ready for the next big release, 2.0. Here we want to share some of the highlights coming to the next stable release. One of the most common requests we have had is publishing Maui Apps on the F-Droid store to distribute future package updates easily. The plan is to have Maui apps on FlatHub, Google Play Store, AppImageHub, and F-Droid, and the news is that we are working to achieve this goal. To track progress on this issue and jump in and help, you can follow this ticket: Some of the Maui apps are already available on FlatHub, and the others are soon coming to the AppImageHub store: To get the apps published to the KDE F-Droid store instance, we first need to build correctly under the KDE Binary factory. Maui Apps and Frameworks can be built using the KDE infrastructure services like the Android Docker; However, the output APK packages still have some issues, like missing Maui style and broken features, but it is an initial step. The next task is to create Craft Blueprints (Python script files that help Craft compile projects in multiple platforms) for all of the apps and framework libraries to make it easier for KDE Binary Factory to deploy Android packages to the stores. This will eventually help to get the apps built for Windows and macOS as well.

MauiKit 1.2.2

Once again, the framework has been cleanup and has gone through clazy style checks and memory optimizations, on the road to becoming much more efficient.


  • Improved TabView workflow for dragging items between tabs.
  • TabView control now has a quick switcher dialog to jump between open tabs by only using the keyboard; this can be triggered on Nota with Ctrl+Space and Index with Ctrl+H.
  • A new SplitView and SplitViewItem controls have been added. All Maui apps now use it, and split views can be closed by dragging the split to a minimum closing threshold size.
  • Lighter GridItemTemplate and other delegates resulting in faster scrolling.


  • More thumbnail previews for text, PDF, audio, and fonts files on Linux.
  • More stable file tagging experience.


  • We moved the accounts component out of MauiKit Core.
You can watch the following video to preview some of the changes and highlights coming to the Maui Project:  
To follow the Maui Project’s development or say hi, you can join us on Telegram: We are present on Twitter and Mastodon:

Release cycle

Release date 2021 2022 2023
February 1.2.1 2.1.1 2.2.2
May 1.2.2 2.1.2 3.0.0
August 2.0.0 2.2.0 3.1.0
November 2.1.0 2.2.1 3.1.1

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