Maui Report 9 3 years ago

Today, we bring you a new report on the Maui Project’s progress.

A few weeks away from the next stable release of MauiKit and the Maui apps, we want to share some of the new features, bug fixes, and changes coming to the next stable release.

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2021 goals and plans

  • Fully utilize CMake. [Done]
  • More feature-rich applications. [In Progress]
  • Improve data synchronization using NextCloud.
  • Improve performance.
  • Improve the UI cohesion on all supported platforms. [In Progress]
  • Move beta apps to stable. [In Progress]

Release cycle

Release date 2021 2022 2023
February 1.2.1 2.1.1 2.2.2
May 1.2.2 2.1.2 3.0.0
August 2.0.0 2.2.0 3.1.0
November 2.1.0 2.2.1 3.1.1


With the new updates, the existing components keep on being polished and gaining features.

Some of the highlights for this upcoming release are:

  • The Text Editor component gained a Find & Replace feature.
  • The Text Editor component flicking control was polished, resulting in a better scrolling experience and auto scrolling when the cursor dynamically changes position, for example, on search results of the port view.
  • The DocumentHandler, the Text Editor-backed, now has initial support for folding code-blocks and gained methods to find and replace actions.
Buho & Nota using MauiKit Text Editor control.

Buho & Nota using MauiKit Text Editor control.

  • The tagging controls were polished, and the tagging database was redesigned to handle tags per-app better.
  • The TagsDialog now correctly works on single and multiple files and correctly displays the tag assigned a color, besides adding contextual actions to edit or remove a tag.

For creating new tags, a new component was added: NewTagDialog; this component allows to keep consistency between all apps making use of the tagging features. Multiple tags can be added separated by a comma and assign a color.

Index adding tags to multiple files – Pix adding a new tag using NewTagDialog control.

  • The flickable ToolBar control now has two persistent contents that do not flick: farLeftContent and farRightContent; this helps to position items that should always remain visible in the port view.
  • The GridBrowserDelegate now shows a background color on hovering to identify its boundaries more effectively to trigger a drag or avoid doing it when performing a lasso selection.
  • The SelectionBar control is now fully based on MauiKit ToolBar control, using the far-right and left persistent contents.
  • The FileBrowser control layout is now based on MauiKit AltBrowser, for better performance when switching from a list to a grid view.

The following video is a demo of some of the formerly mentioned changes:

  • The Client-Side Decorations are now working again and decent on libappletdecoration being installed to allow painting the window control buttons.
  • The AboutDialog control main header was styled, and the community logos were added.
Vvave, Index and Pix with new styled AboutDialog

Vvave, Index, and Pix with new styled AboutDialog

  • Most of the bouncing behavior of flickable in different controls were fixed and no longer jump around when scrolling.
  • The SettingTemplate control, used to list setting entries, can now automatically toggle its checkable children by clicking/tapping it.
  • The AbstractSidebar control now correctly respects the non-enabled state by not showing the sidebar at all.

The following video is a demo of Nota using some of the former changes:

  • The MauiKit Holder control, used as a placeholder, can now list actions, and any other control can be added and be layout vertically.

Reel – Image Editor App – New Holder Actions

  • Old source code files no longer being used were deleted, and old QMake files as well.
  • The FMList class list the files from different locations now gets refreshed when new URLs are tagged and in the scope of the current tag being listed.
  • A bug causing the sidebar drag margin to overlap left side contents was fixed.
  • The Chip control margins were fixed under different possible layouts.
  • The app’s main menu popup being cropped on the bottom is now positioned correctly.

The station with the main header bar at the bottom displays the main menu popup correctly positioned.

  • The Maui separator gained an edge property.
  • The BasicToolButton was exposed and now can be reused by other apps besides MauiKit controls.
  • The MauiKit TextField now has an actions property to list actions inside of the port view.


Most of the apps gained some nice features such as a new tag metadata editor for Vvave, a brand new image editor for Pix, quick typing search for Index, and find & replace text for Nota, among many other small tweaks and bug fixes.

Now all of the apps display build information on the dialogs, such as branch name and commit hash.


  • Quick typing search was added to make the browsing experience much nicer with a keyboard and a mouse on desktops.
  • The welcome overview favorites section now correctly refreshes when new files are tagged as fav.
  • The welcome overview is only loaded once instead of being deleted and instantiated each time it is opened.
  • Fixed bug when compressing files to 7Zip format.
  • The button to toggle the place’s sidebar is now a regular button following the other apps’ style.
  • If a place needs to be mounted before accessing it, a notification popup is shown to trigger the mounting action.

Index – Place needs to be mounted notification.

  • The multi-selection gesture was restored; to do a multi-selection, you only need to enter selection mode and then hover over the files you want to select with your finger.

The following video is a demo of the quick typing search:


  • The document’s view was removed since it was superfluous.
  • The better placing of the New button.
  • Find and replace text.
  • Enable touch gestures for multiselection.
  • Do swipe between opened tabs.
  • Restructured source files.
  • Split views based on available space and not on demand.
  • Fix Linux desktop file icon reference.

The following video is a demo of the Find&Replace feature:


  • Quick typing search on albums and artists’ views.
  • Tags view gained a filtering field and better placement of new tag button.
  • Simplified and cleaned up contextual menus.
  • Fixes to the cloud view, now fetching artwork for artist and album covers.
  • Tag metadata editor.

Vvave – Tag metadata editor.

  • Use KDE ECM to find the TagLib library.
  • Restructured source code.
  • Quickly open the focus view from the floating disk and use a common main-playlist-sidebar toggle button.
  • Retrieving information of artist and album wikis.
  • Added a repeat playback option.
  • Added a progress bar to track the progress of scanning the collection sources.
  • Usage of the new MauiKit NewTagDialog
  • Enable touch gesture multiselection.
  • The following video is a demo of the quick typing search, new tags view, and album/artist info.


  • The image editor design was improved. The editor component makes use of the KQuickImageEditor library, which still lacks many features. Still, there are already plans to use the gegl library for more powerful image processing tools.

The following video is a demo of the quick typing search and image editor view:

  • Quick typing search.
  • Now the gallery uses the GridBrowserDelegate.
  • The image viewer full-screen button was moved to the top, and toggling fullscreen was fixed.
  • Removed old unused source files.
  • Use new MauiKit NewTagDialog.
  • Enable touch gestures for multiselection.
  • Do not use the add-new-tag floating button in tags view and instead embedded it into the toolbar.
  • Correctly filter selection from contextual actions.
  • Image Viewer component only created once, makes it quicker.

Pix – NewTagDialog


  • Fixed bug when opening an external video file. Now it gets opened correctly and appended to the playlist sidebar.
  • Restructured source files.


  • Do not use add-new floating buttons and instead embedded them into the respective toolbars.
  • Added a confirmation dialog for removing notes.
  • Added a more coherent SelectionBar list item delegates.


Buho - SelectionBar list delegates

Buho – SelectionBar list delegates


  • Added controls to quickly trigger and save often used commands.

Station – Commands drawer


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